Friday, March 5, 2010

You guys did great! The answers to the questions were- Onomatopoeia means a sound that actually sounds like the thing such as "buzz" or "thwipp" and the second answer was- well, i cant type it but here is the link to it-

Tomorrow is compettion! I am so excited! I want everybody to comment on this post and say their name and their favorite season and why thay like it. If you have trouble, dont put anything. Also, dont worry if it doesnt show up immediatly, because I have to publish the comments my self!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

First Challenge and talk

So, my O.M. contest is on Saturday! I think we are going to do great! I am a mermaid. Our problem is to create a skit that shows us discovering an already discovered object and then to show us discover something that exists right now. We are first discovering the Antikithera which is the oldest computer. It is from B.C. And it predicts lunar and solar eclipses! It is fascinating. Our second discovery is the Alcatraz Prison. Our first challenge-

What does onomatopoeia mean and give an example of it.
What does the longest English word mean?

Email your answers to